Actually Start Meditating – 3 Day-Course

Are you interested in meditation but don’t really know what to do once you’re actually sitting to meditate? I’ve got you!

In 3 days only, you’ll have everything you need to start your meditation practice:

  • 3 beginner-friendly meditation techniques that will leave you feeling fully relaxed and at peace.
  • Exactly how to start meditating and create the habit (including how long you really need to meditate).
  • How to bring meditation into your daily life to keep feeling the benefits all day long.
  • And what common obstacles to avoid to keep enjoying meditating.
 Lucile Hernandez Rodriguez

Lucile Hernandez Rodriguez

I am a wellness entrepreneur and founder of the mindful lifestyle brand

Through this platform, I share actionable advice on my blog and consult with mindful businesses.

I have concrete experience leading transformative action in innovative businesses through my career in strategic and operations advisory in the Tech sector.

Business credentials:

- Tech Investment Banking in NYC: worked with the regional CEO on innovation projects
- Startup world: Techstars and Station F Alumni, lead a team of 10 in a high-growth context

Wellness credentials:

- Yoga teacher with 3+ years experience featured on Thrive, Popsugar and Yahoo Lifestyle


- Master Degree in Management from top European Business School (ranked 5th by the Financial Times)
- 200-hour yoga certification at Yoga Vida NYC (accredited by Yoga Alliance, currently studying towards my 500-hour certification)
- One-year coaching certification

Estimated Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Beginner

Actually Start Meditating
 Lucile Hernandez Rodriguez
Lucile Hernandez Rodriguez