Free Online Project Management Courses

Learn the skills needed to deliver projects on time, within budget, and with minimal risk to your business. Our free online project management courses teach you how to manage people, projects, and budgets, as well as the latest project management tools and trends.

Project Management Courses

Project management includes several specialized skills of processes and procedures to organize and execute a project. To successfully manage a project, project managers need to have a goal and break it down into individual steps that groups within an organization can accomplish. They must clearly communicate and lead with professionalism. 

Why Do Organizations Need Project Managers?

Project management is a unique type of leadership that requires interaction with clients and employees, but it also requires organizational skills that a typical manager does not use. They act as a liaison between a business and its clients to keep communication flowing smoothly. They also provide information to their employers who are responsible for the project. 

What Skills Do Project Management Courses Teach?

Project management courses teach the skills that professional project managers need to succeed in the workplace. They include topics relating to analytics, effective written and spoken communication, and organization. Courses also teach students how to manage risk and time. They also teach the necessary leadership skills. 

Project managers have to use their expertise and intellect to get a project started and to follow it through to the end. They have to be able to set goals and achieve them to the specifications of their employers. To achieve their goals and complete their projects, they have to work with a diverse group of people and various technologies.

What is Involved in Managing a Project?

Not everyone can manage a project, which is why we offer so many project management courses. Project managers have to think with the end in mind, and then they have to choose and evaluate the steps to get there. They have to responsibly direct a group and prepare them enough to work on the project without excessive oversight. 

Project managers wear a plethora of hats because they have so many responsibilities. They have to be able to earn trust from their team, employer, and clients. To earn trust, they have to manage their groups with empathy and leadership effectively. They also have to make analytical decisions to allocate resources and describe tasks that lead to the goal. 

Online Project Management Courses

We offer several project management courses for busy professionals who want to expand their skills. Showcase your knowledge on social networking platforms, your resume, and your next project management proposal at work.